Founder of the creative studio ch2oLab, Chiara Zaccagnini is a Designer and Artist interested in Emergent technology Art and Architecture, based in London.
She worked ​as an architecture professional ​for ​many years working for ​international studios such as Foster and Partners , Amanda Levete Architects and Heatherwick studio. She completed the Victoria and Albert Museum Exhibition Road project that informed and inspired her practice and work.

Her studio focuses on the engagement between Architecture and technology implementing all bits of tech in every project​s from​ small ​to large.

Technology is a key interest in her practice that she uses to present her ideas to clients​. Her passion for Art helps her to explore freely ideas and making , which inform and inspire her practice, communication and designs.

As ​a designer and ​an abstract artist her research focuses particularly on the cross boundaries between the fields of art and architecture,​ she believed in the blurred perceptions of things,​ in particular the ​complex ​dialogue between digital and reality, realism versus abstraction.

She believes in a  a fluid communication with the clients  ​that blends ​together people inspiration ​​and ​needs using ​technology as an inspiring tool to question and explore us and our surroundings.

She uses coding ,​ drawings, drafting, BIM modelling,​ interaction design, 3D scanning , data modelling ​, to work on projects fluidly with different tools from drafting to advance digital data ​platforms.​

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