YEAR 2021/2022

In collaboration with VOArchitecture EGF has been designed to respond to sustainability goals and design innovation. The starting point for this project has been to focus on the site analysis and the environmental data ​to produce a design all based on a carbon free solution with the idea of implementing and upscaling the initial tests for a larger project on renewable energies and zero carbon farm design. T​echnologies such as s​olar panels​ have been specified with an innovative lightweight tensile design that have never been done before. The design uses lightweight solar panels​ integrated in tends to be implemented in the house’s external facade . A complex project with protected landscapes and heritage history, the site analysis was crucial to understand the constraints for the project located in an agricultural area of natural environment value. ​The primary concepts ​for the project​ were ​ research of construction techniques and local materials and analysis of natural resources​ while inspiring new approaches for using new technologies in farming and agriculture.